Investment Manager

Established in 2004, Vantage Asset Management Pty Limited is a leading independent investment management company with expertise in private equity, funds management, manager selection and operational management.

Vantage is Australian owned and domiciled with operations in Sydney and Melbourne and holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No. 279186.

Vantage provides investors access to the high performance Private Equity asset class and offers professional investment management and advisory services to institutions and sophisticated investors seeking a diversified investment approach to private equity investing.

Vantage’s objective as an investment manager is to provide investors with attractive, risk adjusted returns by selecting the most attractive private equity regions, targeting the optimal mix of financing stages and investing in the top performing private equity managers. Each member of Vantage’s investment team has extensive direct deal experience, which when combined with their knowledge of best practices in funds management gives them a unique insight into the investment strategies and processes employed by the managers Vantage selects to invest with.

There are several factors that distinguish Vantage and its position as the preferred investment manager for its clients’ private equity investments;

Independence. Vantage is owned and controlled by its investment executives. This independent ownership allows its investment professionals to maintain their focus on selecting private equity investments with the strongest potential for returns without any conflicts of interest.

Stable & Experienced Investment Team.One of the important attributes of Vantage is its experienced and cohesive core executive team. This dedicated team is focused exclusively on the private equity asset class on a global basis. Vantage’s core executive team have worked / invested together for more than 20 years and have more than 50 years of collective industry experience.

Long-term Relationships.Over the past 20 years, Vantage’s executives have built deep relationships with leading private equity sponsors, many of whose funds can be difficult or impossible to access for new investors. Relationships and the ability to access certain investment opportunities play a critical role in the private equity investment process. The longevity and continuity of Vantage’s team has enabled it to cultivate relationships with many of the top tier and exclusive fund managers, positioning Vantage managed funds as both preferred prospective investors and investment partners.

Proven Investment Strategy. Vantage only invests in the private equity asset class and is focused on investing only in funds targeting the later expansion and buyout financing stages of private equity globally that have consistently delivered strong returns to investors. Vantage expects its managed fund investors to benefit from this strategy, which has been developed by Vantage’s executives over several investment, capital market, credit and macroeconomic cycles of the past decade.

Vantage’s senior executives have backgrounds in strategy, finance, banking, executive management, operations, corporate development and funds management. With global reach and influential business relationships, Vantage provides a base of powerful expertise and resources that it extends to its clients.

The Vantage executives who will be responsible for the management and reporting obligations of the Fund and who also serve as members on the VPEG2 Investment Committee are as follows;

Michael Tobin, Managing Director, BE, MBA, DFS. (Financial Markets)

Michael is responsible for the management of all private equity investment activity at Vantage including both primary & secondary fund investments and co-investments as well as the operational / compliance management of all Vantage managed funds and investment vehicles. Michael has over 25 years experience in private equity management, advisory and investment as well as in management operations.

Michael was formerly Head of Development Capital and Private Equity at St George Bank where he was responsible for the management and ultimate sale of the bank’s Commitments and investments in $140m worth of St George branded private equity funds. Michael also established the bank’s private equity advisory business which structured and raised private equity for corporate customers of the bank. Michael has arranged and advised on direct private equity investments into more than 40 separate private companies in Australia across a range of industry sectors.


Jonathan is a Director of Vantage and has more than 23 years of experience as a private equity investor and company director. He has more than 23 years of experience in direct investing in private equity and private capital funds management across six private equity funds totalling A$1.3 billion in capital commitments.

Jonathan is currently a Managing Director and Investment Committee member of Pollination, a global investment and advisory firm. Jonathan was previously a director of CHAMP Ventures, having joined the firm at its foundation in 2000. At CHAMP Ventures Jonathan managed the acquisition, transformation and ultimate realisation of some of the highest performing investments of the firm including SG Fleet, Amdel, Australian Portable Buildings and Dexion. Jonathan built strong bilateral relationships with founders and CEOs and developed a reputation for personal integrity in capital markets. Jonathan left the firm in 2016 to establish Odyssey Private Equity, another top performing Australian mid-market private equity firm.

Jonathan holds a BEng (Hons1) from The University of Sydney and an MBA (Executive) from the Australian Graduate School of Management.