Unitholder Information

VPEG2 utilises the expertise and services of Australia’s, Boardroom Pty Limited, to provide Registry Services and unit holder information to its investors.  Online access to information for each VPEG2 Investor’s unit holding, is provided via Boardroom’s InvestorServe online portal which can be accessed by clicking on the following website link: InvestorServe

You can access information about your investment in VPEG2, from InvestorServe, including:

–        Holdings Balance Summary

–        Transaction History

–        Payments History  (including Distribution and Return of Capital Payments)

The following guide will enable you to access information regarding your VPEG2 investment via InvestorServe:

a)     Issuer – Click on the down arrow and type “Vantage” – select “Vantage Asset Management”

b)     Holding type – this should be populated as “Unit Trust” from step (a)

c)     Reference number – this is referring to your “Unit Number” which is a 10 digit unique identifier for your VPEG2 unit holding and can be located on the top right hand corner of a Vantage Private Equity Growth 2 unit holding or distribution statement issued by Boardroom.

a)     Name – type the name in which your investment in VPEG2 is held.

b)     Postcode (if within Australia): this will be the postcode for the address Boardroom has recorded as your postal address (also found on your VPEG2 unit holding or distribution statement).

The InvestorServe website will also enable online registration for full access to investment information if required.

In addition, the monthly net asset values per unit and details regarding calls and distributions per unit are updated on a monthly basis on the following website link:  VPEG2 Investment Portfolio

VPEG2A monthly net asset values are located in the table at the top of the page.

VPEG2B monthly net asset values are located in the second table towards the base of the page.