About us

By only investing in funds that focus on the Later Expansion and Buyout financing stages of Private Equity, that have consistently delivered strong returns to Investors, the Manager is confident that Vantage Private Equity Growth 2 (VPEG2) will achieve a higher than average absolute return from its Private Equity investments.

Fund Profile

VPEG2 is a Private Equity Fund of Funds established to provide investors with access to the returns generated by the top performing Buyout and Later Expansion Private Equity Funds in Australia.

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Investment Strategy

VPEG2 is focussed on providing the majority of its commitments and investments to underlying funds that in turn invest in businesses that are at a more mature stage of development, and in particular the Later Expansion and Buyout stages of Private Equity investment.

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Investment Process

Only Private Equity funds whose manager’s or management team’s previous funds have in the past performed within the Top Quartile of returns as measured by the relevant benchmark will be considered for investment by VPEG2.

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Investment Committee

In line with best practice in funds management, the Investment, Audit & Risk Committee (Investment Committee) of the Fund consists of a majority of independent members. The independent members of the Investment Committee are Rod McGeoch AO (Chairman), Patrick Handley and Paul Scully. Two senior executives from the Manager, Michael Tobin and David Pullini round out the investment committee.

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Investment Manager

Established in 2004, Vantage Asset Management Pty Limited is a leading independent investment management company with expertise in private equity, funds management, manager selection and operational management. Vantage is Australian owned and domiciled with operations in Sydney and Melbourne and holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No. 279186.

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